Portfolio Administration & Fees


The partners and portfolio managers at Dorchester are directly accessible to our clients. Regular communication with our clients is essential for fulfilling expectations and for building trusted long term relationships.


Our fundamental belief is to ensure full transparency to our clients.  Our customized Portfolio Valuation Reports are designed to provide comprehensive and valuable information.  All security positions, cost and independently sourced current market values, as well as expected annual income and portfolio yield are readily displayed. A detailed breakdown of asset allocation in dollar amounts and percentage across sectors and currency is included. Individual equity holdings and weightings are categorized by industry group to provide a clear view of our various exposures at each reporting period. Our transaction report details purchases and sales year to date along with a cumulative Capital Gains / Losses Report. Our material is available monthly or quarterly to meet client preferences. As well, online access is available if desired. Our quarterly reports include our Economic and Market Commentary.

Custodian Services

Dorchester does not hold cash or securities on behalf of our clients. Securities and cash are held at a custodial agent, usually a major brokerage firm or trust company. Our largest custodial relationship is with National Bank Independent Network (NBIN).  The custodian issues monthly statements and tax reporting material which are sent directly to our clients.


Investment management fees are fully tax deductible for non-registered accounts and are billed quarterly in arrears based on the market value of the assets under management. Fees will vary based on portfolio size and are generally a fraction of the expense ratios associated with many mutual funds or dealer sponsored wrap accounts.