The Dorchester Difference

At Dorchester, we believe that personal service should always encompass elements of objectivity, availability, and flexibility. We understand that knowing our clients is the basic component of personalized investment counseling. We recognize that each client has different investment objectives and requirements based on their own personal attitudes and preferences towards risk, liquidity, tax issues, and performance expectations. We take the time to listen and to understand these personal goals and requirements before developing an appropriate investment policy.


Our firm does not act as a broker or a custodian and has no ownership connection with any other financial institution. As an independent investment counsel, Dorchester has built its reputation on providing unbiased advice and objectively translating the understanding of personal goals and requirements into a customized portfolio management strategy.


Whether it’s a quick phone call or a scheduled meeting, we are always prepared to review objectives and share our views. As part of our core belief in personalized portfolio management, our clients can be assured we are available for consultations as well as discussions with other professionals who support our client’s financial and business endeavors.


Quality investment counseling requires a holistic approach of a client’s needs and goals in order to achieve a comprehensive investment strategy. Consultation and planning with accountants, lawyers, notaries, insurance professionals, and others often play an important role in attaining desired long-term outcomes. Rather than offering our own package of peripheral services, Dorchester has chosen to concentrate its expertise as investment counsel. We maintain the flexibility to consult and coordinate with other advisors and, if requested, are well positioned to provide a referral to qualified independent professionals to assist in any other aspect of a client’s planning.